Wire Mesh Demister

Wire Mesh Demister (also is known as mist eliminator, demister pads) is a highly efficient gas-liquid separation device.
1. High collection efficiency of up to 99% of fluid at velocity of 1 to 8m/sec
2. Provides free area of up to 98% for operation and low pressure drop (0.1" ~ 1.0" W/G)
3. A variety of materials in accordance with temperature and corrosion resistance
4. Easy to install by using manhole. Usable without any restriction and replaceable with existing facilities
5. Designed for self - cleaning (semi - permanent and economical)

Operation Principle of Demister For example, gas from liquid (L) converts to vapors (V) in distillers. When vapors rise, the surface of liquid breaks to generate micro particles of liquid and deliver them with gas through demister. In this process, micro particles increas in volume due to inertial collision principle on the surface of pad. Particles that contain impurities free fall due to the weight of impurities. Gas come through demister or contain liquid particles release as pure gas to the top of demister.

Wire Material Grid Material
Item Code Standard No. Item Code Standard No.
Q235-A Q235-A GB434 Q235-A Q235-A GB327
20 20 BG3206 20 20 GB711
0Gr18Ni10Ti 321   0Gr18Ni9 304 GB423
0Gr17Ni12Mo2 316 0Gr18Ni10Ti 321
00Gr19Ni11 304L 00Gr17Ni12Mo2 316
00Gr17Ni14Mo2 316L 00Gr19Ni11 304L
RS-2 RS-2 Steel Grades 00Gr17Ni14Mo2 316L
NS-80 NS-80 Non-metal Materials: PTFE (F6) polyethylene, polypropylene, Nylon yarn, fiber, and PVC and others
Note: we can use other materials, but please specify when ordering
NS-80A NS-80A
brass wire H68 H65 H62 GB3100
Tin-copper wire QSn GB3128
Nickel N4 N6 N7 N8 GB3120
Titanium and titanium alloy TA2 TA3 TC3 TC4 GB3823

Models Construction and Application:
Consists of a mat with overlapping knitted metal or plastic wire meshes, which are assembled in accordance with density for each style and disposed altemately. The assembled mat provides complex and refined structure for inertial impaction, so it provides free area of 98% for operation and low pressure drop.

Style Applications
DSM-80 Provides low pressure drop at high velocity and general collection efficiency. Used for collecting lager particles.
DSM-144 Mainly used in the field of petrochemical plants. Provides relatively low pressure drop and collection efficiency
of up to 90~99%
DSM-193 Most commonly used. Provides collection efficiency of up to 98~99% on 5~10 microns at velocity of 1~5m/sec.
DSM-390 Provides high pressure drop at low velocity of 1m/sec and collecion efficiency of up to 90% or greater.
DSM-220 Used for collecting minute particles sized for 1 micron, Thicker is better in case of minute particles with low density (approximately 10g/m3)
DSM-432 Used for collecting sub-micron particles 0.05~1 micronc More effective than DS-220 Style

Selection of Demister
The below table as standard style has selected through referred articles, practical consumers and the company research for most suitable type according to the broad ranges of usage for DEMISTERSMS recently. It helps to identify basic type for use and refer to change of specifications as standards.

DSM-80 80 30 98.9 96.7 155 495 931 H H155
DSM-120 120 - 98.5 - 210 - 631 L  
DSM-128 128 - 98.4 - 460 - 326 SN  
DSM-144 144 38 98.2 95.8 275 630 431 N S275
DSM-193 193 42 97.6 95.4 378 690 421 SL S370
DSM-300 300 - 96.2 - 575 - - SM  
DSM-390 390 - 95 - 740 - - SH S740
DSM-220 220 - 97.2 - 905 - - T M905
DSM-432 432 - 94.5 - 1,780 - 800 R M1740
DSM-GRASS 160 80 96.7 94.7 5.000 -   G.S/G.P  

Installation and Grid
DEMISTER in tower must be fixed and supported at level and Support Grid is commonly used for fixing bottom side or the upper and lower sides, which was made by welding FB 25x3t. RB6 (the same material with DEMISTER PAD) at regular intervals (APP 150mm). In addition wire of diameter 1 or 1.6 is used for fixing GRID and PAD and how to fix them as follows.


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