Baseball Netting,Baseball Practice Cage

Protect your pitcher or pitching machine during batting practice with MWN’s top of the line durable pitchers' L type baseball nets system,7’ x 7’ square baseball nets system or batting cage net . Deluxe frames are HD 1”, 1 1/4”, 1-1/2”galvanized steel with swaged joints for easy assembly,light weight and easy to move around the field.
Netting Types

Frame: 1-1/4" heavy-duty steel tube
Surface of Frame : PVC, Galvanized or Powder coated
Netting Material:Nolyn,Polyester,PE,etc
Mesh: 1-3/4" square or diamond mesh
Twine: #21,#36, #42,#60,#96,
Push-button assembly
Detachable legs for storage
Batting Cage Sizes: L X W X H
40' x 12' x 12'; 55' x 12' x 12'; 60' x 12' x 12';
70' x 12' x 12'; 70' x 14' x 12'; 55' x 14' x 12';
Deluxe Batting Cage Net Features:
1. Twisted, knotted twine, hung on the square for a clean look.
2. Higher abrasion resistance than braided poly
3. Will not shrink or absorb water
4. Border ropes stitched to the net - secures cage, holds form, and reduces interior netting wear
5. Center rope supports ceiling of cage.
6. Three 6' tie lines at each ceiling end of the cage.
7. 6' tie lines at bottom corners of the cage.


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