Perforated Metal Screen

Perforated Metal Screen is also called Punched Mesh, it can be supplied in rolls or flat panels; 
Hole's shape can be round, square, triangle and so on; 
Thickness can be from 0.2-15mm; 
Dimention can be 0.2m x 0.8m; 0.5m x 1m; 3'x 8'; 4' x 8'; 3'x 10'; 4' x 10'; 1 x 2 m; 1m x 20m...
Stainless Steel Sheet,such as 304,316.
Plain Steel Sheet
Galvanized Steel Sheet
Aluminum Sheet
Brass/Copper/Phosphor Bronze Sheet
Oil filters; sound isolation sheet; decorative sheet for stairs; environmental tables and chairs; sifting in grains, feed and mines. Perforated metal screen sheet is also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, food cover, etc.
How to calculate the opening area? 
For example  
Hole type: Round hole  
Hole diameter: 2mm ---R
Way of rank: 60° Staggered
Distance between two hole centers: 4mm---T
Dimension: 1m x 2m

Round hole, 60° Staggered

Round hole,straight

Round hole, 45° Staggered

Square hole,Z staggered

Long round hole, Z staggered

Long round hole,straight

Long round hole,K staggered

Long square hole,Z staggered

Long square hole,straight

Long square hole,K staggered


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